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Are your Affairs In Order


Are Your Affairs in Order is a booklet that has been produced by the Vocational Committee of the Rangiora Rotary Club, PO Box 230, Rangiora.

The publication is simple, but comprehensive and contains a list of important details such as next of kin, solicitor, funeral records, insurance details, bank accounts, personal property and bequests, funeral preferences etc.

Funeral Directors & Solicitors have contributed to the preparation of the booklet.

It also enables some direction to be given for small personal bequests, which are not generally included in a will but can cause much stress between family members.

Organising a list of financial details provides a huge saving in time and legal fees.

Cost of booklet is $15.00




The “Are Your Affairs in Order?’ booklet, promoted by the Rangiora Rotary Club, have sold extremely well and exceeded all expectations.

The $15 booklet (including postage and packaging), reminding people of matters that need to be documented at the time of death, has been reprinted as a result of demand, says project coordinator and Rotary club member Gary Lang.

‘Are Your Affairs in Order?’ effectively endorses the need to record matters that are required at the time of death.

“It is a very important document which makes things so much easier for those left behind, and it could well reduce estate costs.”

The Rangiora Rotary Club sees this project (selling the booklet) as a service to the community.

Gary confirms that the feedback from the community on the worth and benefits of this booklet have been widespread and the club has received many letters of appreciation and support for this community focused project.

A team of lawyers, accountants, and funeral directors and members of the Rangiora Rotary Club have prepared the booklet, and over 20,000 copies have been sold, the profits made by the Rangiora Rotary Club are distributed to worthy causes in the Canterbury area.

Information such as birth, marriage, family and parent details can be documented in the booklet, along with who one’s lawyer, banker, doctor and financial advisor are, to name just a few.

Also, when it comes to your will – have you given power of attorney, burial instructions and details of real estate owned? Also, insurance, safe deposit compassionate airfares, loyalty cards and frequent flyer points and reward points advice.

The worth of the booklet, Gary says, can be measured by the fact that many purchasers have bought additional copies for partners and family members


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