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//Shelterbox Update

Shelterbox Update

Early on Saturday 14 March, Cyclone Tam, a Category 5 Cyclone, hit the islands that make up Vanuatu in the South Pacific, leaving a trail of destruction. An estimated 90% of buildings were completely destroyed or damaged and over 5000 families were desperately in need of assistance. ShelterBox had been monitoring Tam’s progress and were able to respond quickly. 1,000 Shelter Kits are already being distributed and a further shipment of aid, comprising of 7,500 blankets, 1,500 solar lamps, 2,250 mosquito nets, 260 midi tents and 500 tarps, will be distributed on the island of Tanna. The Shelter Kits, which were stockpiled in Malaysia, were dispatched on the first flights into Vanuatu, along with two ShelterBox Response Team Volunteers(SRTV) from Australia & New Zealand. In addition, 4  more SRTVs from UK, Australia and New Zealand will be, if not already deployed to the region. The attached link gives a superb summary of ShelterBox’s involvement not only in Vanuatu but worldwide and I implore you to give up 24 minutes of your time to watch it and pass it on to fellow Members and friends:

Also, to be able to answer those frequently asked questions then go to:

Download (PDF, 4.87MB)

It tells you everything you need to know about ShelterBox and I am sure it would be of  interest to all Club Members. In addition, ShelterBox NZ’s Facebook page and website are an excellent means for getting regular updates and well worth viewing.

We are into the cyclone season and in the Pacific region alone, ShelterBox resources will inevitably be called upon. Already, ShelterBox is deployed in Cameroon, DPRK, Gaza, Niger, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, Syria and of course Vanuatu. It is therefore essential that ShelterBox is able to continue to respond to the call for “Help”. ShelterBox is a Rotary International Project Partner, so our efforts in raising the much needed funds to sustain its mission will be essential and very much appreciated.

As the South Island Co-ordinator, I intend to set up a system whereby I can pass on the latest information on ShelterBox to a point of contact within each Club in the South Island, a Club Champion and they in turn will hopefully coordinate their own fund raising activities.

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