Shelterbox NZ Update June 2015

//Shelterbox NZ Update June 2015

Shelterbox NZ Update June 2015

All might be quiet on the news front but ShelterBox is working tirelessly responding to various global areas of concern. The ShelterBox Response Teams(SRT) are still getting to the most difficult areas in Nepal following the devastating earthquake. Their ability to flexibly respond to an ever changing scenario has seen the deployment of the full spectrum of kit ShelterBox has to offer: ShelterBox tents as medical facilities, ShelterKits were swiftly despatched to the mountain villages and SchoolBoxes were also supplied. These boxes are blue and contain equipment for teachers, such as blackboard paint, chalk, solar radios, and activity packs for children. The SchoolBoxes were provided to orphanages that had been affected by the earthquakes, to make sure that children were able to continue lessons and playtime after the traumatic events.

The delivery of all the equipment cannot be done with just the SRT’s working in isolation. Teamwork with other agencies is essential and to that end, the SRT’s worked closely with the Royal Gurkha Rifles to get axis to the most vulnerable families in the more isolated communities. In addition they were in partnership with the French Disaster Relief Organisation, ACTED along with other aid agencies to guarantee the success of its aid distribution.

ShelterBox is also monitoring other areas of concern as follows:

Burundi: Families fleeing from the conflict in Burundi and taking refuge in Tanzania.

SE Asia: They are in touch with contacts in Indonesia and Malaysia, concerning the migrant boat people.

Yemen: An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 people displaced following the current civil war. They have received requests to assist 3,500 refugees in neighbouring Somaliland.

Ongoing are their involvements in: Vanuatu, Cameroon, Chile, Niger, Pakistan, Philippines, Syria and the bordering countries.

As you can see ShelterBox is in great demand and it is therefore imperative that we continue our efforts to raise funds, so that the stockpile of boxes and kits around the world can be continually replenished. I strongly recommend you read the ShelterBox NZ Newsletter at the following link: ShelterBox New Zealand link.

Finally we are always looking for a Club Champion for ShelterBox. Someone who can be the point of contact for ShelterBox NZ and willing to champion the cause for this amazing charity.

If you are interested in becoming a Champion then contact Paddy Quinlan at: for further information.

Good luck

Paddy Quinlan
ShelterBox NZ Coordinator for Rotary

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